Fall Approaches

Brewmaster Russell here. As you can see, there was no ‘Summer’ post. Goes to show just how busy we are during Summer! For day to day updates, like us on Facebook. But many great things happened: beer festivals, brewers nights, beer releases, music, fun and friends.  Not a whole lot of sleep or Not Brewery happened.  We call that ‘Summer’!  Days were basically brewing or festival/event, short crabbing break, taproom, repeat.  But I’ll do a recap of a few of the bigger events Continue reading

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year Everyone!

You know what that means?

This year’s barleywine clocks in at 9.9%, and I think it came out a little more chocolatey and hoppy than last year.  But we’re going to put it side by side with 2012, so you can come decide for yourself!

Normal hours today, 2-9.  Closed tomorrow, New Years Day.

Like the fireworks package says, have a “Safe and Sane” New Years!

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Holiday Update 2013


Christmas Eve – We are opening EARLY at 12:00 and closing EARLY at 4:00.  So remember to fill your growlers in the afternoon, or the night before.  Because…

Christmas Day – We are CLOSED!

Boxing Day – Open as usual.

New Year’s Eve – Open as normal, 2-9.

Now you’ve got 45 minutes to get over here and watch the Hawks wallop the Cardinals!

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Update: 11/25/13

So if you’ve ever wondered where our spent grain goes, here’s two of the happy recipients!  Farmer Kevin of Sol Farm here on the island takes it and feeds it to his pigs, composts it, and so on.  You can find his produce, eggs, and pork at the Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market, and appearing at local restaurants including Hitchcock, Cafe Nola, The Harbour Public House, and others.  The little oinkers have tons of space in the field to run around in and all the spent grain, vegetable trimmings, and windfall apples they can eat. Super cute! Pigs are fantastic.  Picture after the jump:

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Weekly Update – 11/5/13

Great Halloween Party everyone, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!  And Luau Cinder were fantastic on Saturday too!


Music To Our Beers – Join Ethan J. Perry and his Remedy Band as they host our weekly jam session.  Come check it out!

Thursday: Bainbridge Oktoberfest was brewed to homebrewer Tim Frommer’s recipe as part of the Puget Sound Pro-Am.  Thursday at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse most of the area’s Pro-Am beers will be on tap at once, including the last keg of Oktoberfest.  Don’t miss it!
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News – October 22nd

First up, after an epic day of labeling, sanitizing, filling, capping, drying, waxing, and numbering, Bainbridge Island 1ST ANNIVERSARY ALE finally went into bottles last week!  Astute viewers will remember that our anniversary is in June.  Well, better late than never!  The limited run of 300 bottles is currently for sale in the taproom only.  An 11.5% ABV wine barrel aged wheatwine ale, 1st Anniversary will age with the best of them, just as we intend to!

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September – October

Big Things Ahead!

Today, September 19th: New Beer Alert! SMaSHaSS: Amarillo Fresh Hop Ale will hit the taproom today, and select establishments shortly thereafter. SMaSHaSS: Single Malt, Single Hop, Single State. 100% Washington malt and more than a hundred pounds of just-picked Amarillo hops still wet off the bine. Get it soon, this harvest beer is only brewed once a year and I expect it will be gone very quickly.

Saturday, September 21st: New Beer Alert! Bainbridge Oktoberfest, our first ever lager! Continue reading