Weekly Update – 11/5/13

Great Halloween Party everyone, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!  And Luau Cinder were fantastic on Saturday too!


Music To Our Beers – Join Ethan J. Perry and his Remedy Band as they host our weekly jam session.  Come check it out!

Thursday: Bainbridge Oktoberfest was brewed to homebrewer Tim Frommer’s recipe as part of the Puget Sound Pro-Am.  Thursday at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse most of the area’s Pro-Am beers will be on tap at once, including the last keg of Oktoberfest.  Don’t miss it!

Thursday’s also cask night! This week is Eagle Harbor IPA with Indian Coriander.  Mmmm orange…

Speaking of Casks: Thursday is also the start of the 8th Annual IPA Cask-O-Rama out at the Beveridge Place.  You better believe a cask of Eagle Harbor IPA dryhopped with Falconer’s Flight 7C’s is there!


Saturday the 16th: Dirty Beat Duo is playing the taproom.  Dance! Dance!

Winter Beer Fest: Dec 6-7.  Get your tickets now.



We did an experiment with our last batch of Brown Ale, using British Brown Malt and lightening up off the caramel and chocolate malts.  It’s interesting and different enough from the original that we’ve labelled it a separate test batch and renamed it ‘Satchmo Jones’, after the brewery’s Labrador.  Beer fit for the brewdog!  Come try it and tell us what you think.

Next week we release two seasonal beers!

Bainbridge Autumn Ale – We liked our Oktoberfest so much that we brewed it again using our Kolsch yeast strain.  Malty goodness!

Wing Point Winter Ale – Winter is coming!  The big brother of Port Blakely Brown, Wing Point is a big, dark, caramel and chocolate refuge from the cold and grey outside.

Wash a ton of kegs
Rack Arrow Point Amber Ale
Rack Puget Sound Giant Hoptopus IIPA
Crash Autumn Ale
Crash Wing Point Winter Ale
Brew Kommuter Kolsch-Style Ale
Brew 2nd batch of Wing Point Winter Ale

That we are selling specially hand-crafted bottles of our 1st Anniversary Ale in the taproom?
That we have chocolate truffles specially made with Hoptopus?
And that a standard US Beer Barrel is 31 gallons?  Which makes our math ‘fun’…

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